“Lapping it up” by Keith Connelly


“Lapping it up” by Keith Connelly

whats the point of tmublr


What’s time and space, when you add the dimension of love.

What’s inches apart face to face, “tell me what you’re thinking of.”

Whats a demand versus will against a battle for a heart that you know is uphill?

What’s climbing, for lack of a better word, rising, even though you know its too slippery.

"You’re gonna fall into the ground, do you enjoy misery?”

To answer,

 Time and space, is just an annual race, when immersed in the dimension of love.

Inches apart from you, I’m thinking of my move trying not to think of the consequences if I lose.

Demand and will, both can be imposed I suppose, but drive will keep me focused on this uphill fight. Reality bites but I have teeth too and for this dimension, I can defy it.

Do I enjoy misery?

If it leads to victory…

Letter P

What’s it mean to be passionate?

I use bad grammar when I speak.

I represent myself my way, what’s strong and what’s weak?

I can say what you say, but then what would that mean?

I’d rather paint scenes, with broken lines of poetry.

Or random rants put together that don’t relate, at least I’ll know its me.

And if you notice me,

a blip on your radar.

I blip for you to blap,

For your blap to be someones blep.

We are not inept

to express what we restrain in our chest. 

Cut the rope, unlock the barrier, who needs keys?

Say what you feel. 

Be free.


This girl Cecile, sitting on the see-saw,

One day when she saw..

Two men fighting, her eyes were so raw. 

They were shitting on each other, neither willing to fall.

Broken glass, chipped teeth.

She wonders what they were arguing about.

I knew a man, not by name, by familiarity.

He spoke with passion power and clarity.

But one day he said what they didn’t wanna hear.

So they labelled him, “Insanity”

Oh the vanity!

When we speak what we’re ashamed of.

All of our fallen leaders, we shouldn’t blame it on the devil.

Cause its really on us. 


M8 and M20 in Narrow Band

by César Cantú


M8 and M20 in Narrow Band

by César Cantú


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I see y’all reblogging these “ask me a number” things, and I’m not saying they’re not interesting (okay, some of them aren’t), but none of them are tailored to the “writing community”. You call yourselves a writing community? Act like it! I’ll start. Here ya go.

Note: you can…

i  could do that

i  could do that